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Is Cheerleading a sport? If so, give details, to back up your answer?

I think it is, but, my friend doesn't. Is it?

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    Well, lets see. Every other sport has one whole season to prove how good they are. Cheerleaders have one performance that is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. We stand outside cheering for boys in freezing cold rain bare legs short skirts with no complains. And if football is so spectacular then how come it takes cheerleaders to get the crowd rowdy. Every day at practice a girl or two girls get hurt. I get hurt about every practice but i keep doing it because it is a SPORT that i love. In soccer or football, people get hurt helping the team win. Tell me how that is any different then cheer. Wimps lift weights, athletes lift people! So my answer is DEFINITELY YES!!!

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    1) I have tried soccer, softball, tennis, cross country, track, and various other sports, but as a cheerleader, I am in my physical prime and I am more muscular, fit, and strong than I have ever been before.

    2) Cheerleaders don't just cheer on other teams. We compete too, and i think that fact alone qualifies us as a sport.


    Youtube thumbnail

    watch this, and tell me that cheerleading is not a sport. this is what all cheerleaders strive to be.

    4) and, this is for that Kyle kid who commented. We are on tv... the link above is a routine that was shown on ESPN

    *** some cheerleaders kind of abuse their title and don't do athletic things, dont have the right motives, and in those cases, i dont really consider it a sport. but, like any other sport, if you dont try at all, you arent really an athlete, are you?

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    I'm not a cheerleader but I consider it a sport. People consider gymnastics a sport, cheerleaders are basically gymnasts who like to get thrown in the air.

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    I was a cheerleader and a big believer that it is a sport for the simple fact that we train hard we do get hurt and just as much as any other sport and we compete just as hard as any other sport.

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    The best and hardest damn sport there is.

    Coming from a guy like me who used to play Rugby, Tennis and Basketball, I can tell you that this is the most physically demanding sport that I have ever been apart of. You have to be legit if you ever want to cheer in college, especially big teams like The University of Kentucky, The University of Louisville, The University of Hawaii, etc.

    I cheer at The University of Kentucky (UofK), and I can tell you that if you want to cheer in college, don't expect to be holding pom-poms all day, you're going to get worked, conditioned 20 to 30 hours a week and instructed to learn new material from stunts, tumbling, jumps and pyramids.

    You can also expect to cheer at a Football game up until 10 in the afternoon and have practice that following morning at 9. Oh, and did I also mention that when it's time to put a routine together, say goodbye to your friends for a while. You will be way too tired to do anything because practices can sometimes last from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

    Here's a list of things than does not get you enough information on what you're going to be doing while you're in cheer:

    *Just because you're veteran cheerleader trying out for the team again, it doesn't mean that you will not lose your spot to a freshman who has better skills than you.

    *If you're a guy, you cannot be weak. You have to be able to toss girls above your head. (Try to toss a girl about 5'5" to 6'0" and catch her feet with one hand and hold her there)

    *If you're a girl, you cannot be weak, either. You have to be able to hold your weight and squeeze every single muscle in your body to make your stunt work (squeezing your body like this DOES burn fat). If you look at every single college cheerleader, they're conditioned like a mother ******.

    *You will also be expected to not be a little ***** when throwing a new skill like a standing tuck (very basic in cheerleading, but can be viewed as an amazing skill by the average person)

    *You WILL have two-a-day practices

    *You WILL throw up.

    *Everyone will have the same skills as you. It will no longer come down to who can do the skill--it will come down to who can do that skill 100% of the time out of 100 times.

    *You WILL fall on your head

    *You WILL get bruised

    *You WILL be sore throughout the entire year.

    *Cheer may be seasonal, but guess what? The season lasts the ENTIRE year. Don't expect for their to be any kind of breaks.

    *People WILL quit and leave the team.

    Cheerleading is not for everyone. It's a call for people who are actually willing to work hard for themselves and the team. If you're not ready for that. LEAVE!

    Source(s): Kentucky Cheerleader Check out the level of skill and tell me if you can do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81Qbc6G9ajE
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    No cheerleading is Not a sport.

    From the dictionary

    cheer·lead·er (chîrldr)


    1. One who leads the cheering of spectators, as at a sports contest.

    2. One who expresses or promotes thoughtless praise; an adulator.

    The definition of a sport

    * A physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of a mass.

    * "Contesting" or competing against/with an opponent is the primary purpose.

    * Governed by the rules which explicitly define the time, space and purpose of the contest and the conditions under which a winner is declared.

    * Acknowledged primary purpose of the competition is a comparison of the relative skills of the participants.

    Cheerleading in its current format, does not meet the second criteria listed above. The primary purpose is not competition, but that of raising school unity through leading the crowd at athletic functions.

    It is the position of The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators that cheerleading is in a new, developing category called "athletic activity". This group can also include dance and drill teams and marching bands, all of which share the special balance between school spirit functions and athletic competitions.

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    Yeah, I guess. It really depends, I think some cheerleading thats really easy (Middle school cheer) is not a sport, but a hobby. Some people dont consider it a sport, but i guess it could be.

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    Cheerleaders who cheer on the sidelines at games, are not athletes. Cheerleaders who dance to hip hop, ballet, jazz, and everything in between, stunt, tumble, AND cheer, are athletes. Cheerleading is my favorite sportttt(:

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    Depends on who you ask. It's physically demanding, so in my opinion yes it's a sport. It's probably harder than football or track.

    "if cheerleading were any easier, it'd be called football" -unknown

    Source(s): J
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    It didn't used to be. Now they compete against other teams which makes it a sport. If that isn't enough, then tell her it requires a lot of effort and skill to be one with tumbling and everything and if she doesn't believe you, make her do it and prove her wrong!

    Source(s): Love cheer
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