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how do i get guys at my school to stop talking about my sister?

they talk about my sister bc shes a playboy model and they found out on facebook. no she does not do hugh heffener she just models. so keep that out of ur heads.

im in high school, and basically its annoying. if i say ANYTHING that makes them mad, they always result to talking about my sister saying " ur sister is hot, i would do her" or something like that or anything and it just makes me mad.

im not a snitch. and im not a guy who results to fighting unless its necessary. i tried many things, like telling them shes really not a playboy and they wouldnt beleive me.

so what to do?!

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    When your sister chose to pose for an internationally known men's magazine, with provocative naked pictures of women, she willingly made the choice to show herself publicly as an object of sexual desire. That has nothing to do with you. You cannot control how people react. You need to separate yourself, and your ego, from the situation. The best thing you can do is ignore them.

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    Why thats a tough situation, how about you get your sister to come to your school and have her tell those guys that they are ugly as **** and that no girl would do them?

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    I would say , if you got some friends, its time to WHOOP A**

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