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Totally homemade candles with ingredients you have in your home?

Has anyone ever made candles from houselhold items?? Love to hear your feedback!

Thanks Much and Happy Holidays!

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    I remember one time back in school where we melted down crayons, poured them in plastic cups, then let them dry and peeled the plastic cup off. The trick is not to stir around the melted crayon too much so the colors stay separate. And I know we had to have had a wick of some sort in there but it just cant remember how that part was made. Hope this helps a little!

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    When I was a child, many moons ago, my parents would make candles for Christmas. The only reason I remember this is because we had "Blue Laws" back then and you couldn't buy paraffin wax on Sunday if you were making candles, but you could if you were making jelly. Anyway, they would take milk cartons, cut the top off, fill it with coarsely chopped ice, using butchers twine as the wick, then pour the melted wax into the carton. Made a candle that looked sort of like swiss cheese. They sometimes used food coloring. Good luck!

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