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Feeling a little depressed?

Hello. Lately I've been feeling depressed because (I'm a male) I have no friends. I have "friends" at school but they are only superficial and shallow. They make plans like inviting themselves over in front of my face and they don't care. They never even bother to ask me to go along. They always have fun and talk about it the next day and I feel just so left out. Maybe because I am obese. So right now, Im thinking of switching schools to just get away from all this. What should I really do?

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    are you really obese? Look dont worry about them..i know it hurts but what you need to do is ignore them theyare not real friends anyways..if they are making plans and not inviting you then what kind of friends are they? you dont need people likethat in your life. Im concern about when you say moving schools...i guess if you wanted a clean new start then you should but it wont change the fact that someone wont be mean to you again if ou think its about weight....your a male and you can loose weight fast just by eating right cutting down on fat foods and start by walking and hey if you join the gym you can make friends there...i hope things get better for u..and you never let anyone be mean to you and treat you bad..

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    You know everyone feels like this at some point. You have to just assume you are invited. Reach out to them. Just ask, you want to go with me to McDonald's? Ask them to go with you. Don't wait for them to ask you. Think positive. Think the best of the people around you until someone says something rude then you look them in the face and say something rude back. Then drop it and move on. Your skin gets thicker, you learn to take rejection and learn to bounce back faster. It's the name of the game. Always be the kind of person you want others to be to you. Just because someone else is a jerk doesn't mean you should be. Be true to yourself always. It is hard to find people who are like you, same values, same interest, etc. But they do come along in varying levels of similar and likable qualities. Enjoy their company, some are met to be friends for a day, others for a month, a few for a lifetime. Trust yourself.

  • hi.

    feeling depressed is useless. it will make you feel worse, until one day you will realize this, like i have, and have come to the conclusion that feeling sad and upset just makes you worse.

    you have to find solutions to your problems. become a stronger person.

    ok. so you are obese. you can lose weight. the bigger you are, the easier it is to shed pounds off.

    join swimming, walk to places, do sports, run up and down the stairs for 10 whole minutes, lay off the cakes,etc..

    i know this is crap (im 16) but nearly everyone is very superficial, and image is important, especially at this age. but looks arent everything. i know this guy for instance who is very very handsome, but is ever SO BOOORING. so if you just let your personality shine through,and completely be yourself, people will appreciate you, and talk to you and you will feel much more comfortable in your own skin.

    seriously dont feel bad. your young. live life.

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    I have been through the exact same situation and because I often took my depression out on family my mum decided to home school me, and just recently I applied for a certificate in trades and primary industries (I'm going to poly-tech and I'm only 15!)

    But ever since I left to be home schooled my depression meter has dropped big time

    So maybe you should be home schooled, it worked for me!

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    Changing schools wouldn't solve the problem... look for other friends in ur same school... work out so u can feel better about yourself and be confident... make ur own plans and invite whoever ub want...

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    smoke a joint

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