Question about a 0 Ga to 4 Ga wire reducer?

So I have 0 ga wire but i need to bring it down to 4 ga to get it to fit on to my amp. I found a reducer but the problem is I don't see how it would hook onto my amp.

they look like that and I dont see how that end would fit onto an amp that would require a prong type connection. someone please help i have my new subs and amp but i can't get this to work because of this stupid wire!



I was able to file down the size of the ends of the 0 ga wire and it fits like a glove.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ok here is how it works from the back you put in a 0 ga wire and at the front, the small tip is the same thickness of a 4 ga wire wich goes into your amp like a wire would in this pic below think of the adaptor tip as the 4 ga wire tip hopefully your amp take the wires like this one here does

    ...and by the way its not a stupid wire, without it you can't do ****:D

    hopefully i helped you and good luck trying to get your system bumping

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