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Who is the most successful person to jump from WWE to TNA?

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    Christian Cage is the most successful. He was an NWA World champ. Christian has never been used to his potential in WWE. Followed by Ron Killings (R-Truth) how was also a main event guy and 2 time NWA World Champion. And more recent but not to the main event static (with titles) Matt Morgan and Pope Dinero. I do not think Angle or Hardy are valid answers because they were more successful in WWE.

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    Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy. I would say AJ Styles, but he only had one match in the WWE that I know of.

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    Kurt Angle,

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    Jeff hardy, RVD, or Angle

    depends if you mean straight from WWE with out years of break take out RVD

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    Hulk Hogan, no doubt .

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