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today my little bro asked me what the meaning of life was. i told him, “to find a girl who will make you sandw?

iches...was it the writething to say...aren't women indigenous to the kitchen.

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    OK first of all, my mom hasn't made me a sandwich in like six years! i make myself my own food. the meaning of life to me is to spend it how u want to because u only have ONE LIFE.

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    Today, on Suburban Geographic, we visit the mysterious creature indigenous to the part of the house known as the Kitchen, this creature, is known to supply tasty sanwiches to their mates, on request. This creature, is known only as...Woman.

    Woman, is such a strange creature leaving the kitchen only to get more food to use, and to partake in mating rituals, how they survive in the harsh conditions of the kitchen, we may never know.

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