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Charbz asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

help about Chris Brown?

chris brown is my favourite singer and always will be but there are some questions i want answered:

1. Do you think chris brown is better at dancing or singing?

2. If you have heard his song graffiti, do you think its a complete fail (i definitely don't think so). The reason why im asking this is because i read an article about the song and it said that no-one liked it and it was underperformed and blah blah blah

3. i read another article saying that he started to rap and in fan of a fan and in my zone he was rapping. So i wanna know if his next album F.A.M.E is going to be rap or soul and rnb cause i really miss those songs like with you, forever, wall to wall etc.

4. is his song holla at me still on the radio?

5. and is he YOUR favourite singer?

answer all questions please. 5 stars for the best answers.


@goldenar you must be washed up if u don't like Chris Brown

Update 2:

@goldenar if u don't like chris brown then get lost and don't answer questions about him u sad person. And he is not a wannabe Michael Jackson, MJ was his idol and he respects him so he does tributes and Chris Brown is the next MJ whether you like it or not so stop hating. And he didn't steal his moves he performs them big difference. And why u take another look at him because even though he was admitted to bashing a woman he made up for it and is sorry for it and you can't find guys like that, that actually come out public and apologise so shut up and get a life. DUECES

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  • Mia
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    1 decade ago
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    1. i think both but maybe dancing

    2. i actually liked that song 2 dont no why others didnt maybe cuz of rihanna

    3. oh i have no clue didnt hear much about him so i cant answer that

    4. i doubt it

    5. yesish and no ive heard better

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Chris Brown is washed up,didn't you know?He is nothing special but a MICHAEL JACKSON WANNABE,with stolen dance moves no voice and an admitted woman batterer,take another look at him.

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