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Good dress stores for plus size 13 year olds?

i really want a cute dress , my closet is in need of one . it needs to be casual and i wear a size 16 womens and i cant order things online . under 50 bucks plzz. good luck thank you,

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    Khols is where I used to buy my plus size clothing. Trendy and cute, and it has clothing that fits most styles.

    Other stores that I can think of are:

    Old Navy (Around the same price range as Khols)

    Maurice's/Dillard's/Macy's (A bit on the pricey side, If you're on a budget I wouldn't suggest going there)

    K-mart Walmart Target (Cheapest prices most likely, but all in all some very cute clothes)

    I know you said you don't like to shop online, but offers plus sizes and it's very very trendy for a teenage girl your age.

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    I like Fashion Bug and Ross usually has a LOT of really cute dresses for inexpensive prices. And you'd be surprised what you can find at good will, etc.

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    DEB has some they're maybe around $40

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    debs have great plus size dresses and so does ross.

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    FOREVER 21 OR H&M!!!

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