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My friend is acting weird and my intuition is telling me she may be mad - why?

I've known my friend for years and have been a good, loyal friend to her. A few weeks ago, she joined in insulting me at a party...i felt uncomfortable so I thanked her and left. She didn't even bother talking to me or told me she was joking (as a hostess and as a friend, I thought it was unlike her and rude). I don't know what I did at that party (she hosted). I talked w. guests, wasn't the center of attention. I tried hanging out w. her but she was more focused on our mutual friend and they seemed so stressed and serious. (She's obsessed w. playing matchmaker and set up our other friend w. a guy friend of hers and it worked. The other friend is a user and is an insecure, hot mess. She moved on to the guy friend a minute after she dumped her bf). I understood they were stressed so I gave them space and planned to talk w. them later when the party cooled down. Some random stranger mocked me and made fun of how i posed for pictures. Everyone laughed, i was a good sport and laughed back but she was the loudest one, didn't defend me, or say she was joking...she said i said, i felt insulted/uncomfortable so I left.

She did text me if i was coming back - not to ask how i was but to come back and get my stuff. I ignored it...gave her space. I had talked w her a month in advance about bday plans so when i asked her if she could still come to mine, she RE within a minute, "no, i have another party to go to. sorry." She has no other friends. I'm one of her best friends and I know her life and the people in it. She then opened up that she failed and didn't graduate so I gave her my sympathy and encouraging words but not my usual "cheery, friendly self". She said, "i'm sooo grateful to have someone like you in my life!" Right. Then later said, "oh nevermind, that bday is on friday not saturday. I gave her space another week. Called her again last night, texted her...nothing." Okay, fine. I don't know if she's upset bc of what I did? Or bc I turned her "matchmaking" conquest down. She always sets me up w. random guys (not even decent) and i was passive w. her about it. This time I put my foot down and POLITELY declined and I don't know if she's butthurt about it...

Why is she acting like this? Please explain

OH, she's acting cowardly too. rather than calling me back, she calls our friends back and asks information about me to them


Think it's the end of our friendship? I'm gonna be blunt but i'm sick of her attitude...and something does not feel right

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    Try talking to her face to face, maybe she didn't realise she hurt you so much at her party, as you were laughing along with the others.

    Explain everything to her and then if she still doesn't treat you any better, then end the friendship. It is best to try and work it out face to face rather than sit in anger and exchange texts.

    I hope that you can work things out, good luck.

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