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Which girl sounds the best in looks?

My friends are weird and obsessed with their bodies lately. I guess that's what I get for being 13 -.-' Anyway

Girl Number 1:

Looks:Chocolate-y skin and deep black eyes. Short black hair.


measurements: 39, 36, 41

Face: Oval shapes and cute. Her eyes are always full of life.

Girl Number 2:

Looks: Very pale skin and short blonde emo-ish hair. Her eyes are a grey-blue-green color.


Measurements: 30, 25, 32

Face: She has a cute heart shaped face and her eyes stand out on her pale face. She has som e freckles dabbed across her nose.

Girl Number 3:

Looks: Slightly tanned skin, staright dark brown hair and hazel eyes (her eyes are so awesome a quarter of her left eyes is green and the rest of it's brown AWESOME)


Measurements:23, 21, 24

Face: She has a pretty and heart shaped face with some freckles.

Btw, none of these are me, they're fighting over **** and now they asked me to go on yahho to see whos prettier :P

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    All of them are preety and unique in their own way

    Girl nukber 1-has beautiful skin and keep those eyes full of confident and life

    Girl number 2-Your eyes are gourgeous, dont let anybody judge you and take care of the pale skin

    Girl number 3- cool eyes and love ur tanned skin..also you seem like a simple and kind girl

    NOne of you should fight over who is beautiful

    your all beautiful but not in the same way, in each others unique and different way

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    Girl numbeer 3 soundss veryy pretty(:

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    no. 3 sounds cute

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