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Since wealthy people are always being....?

accused of "selfishness" because they want to keep more of what is theirs, what do you call it when the government wants to take more and more of what they earned? Isn't it like the playground bully? Are you selfish because you want to keep your lunch money? Or is the bully more selfish because he wants what is yours?

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    That's the liberals - always want to take more from the people for "the illegal immigrants".

    Conservatives are against this very much. They want government OUT of their business.

    Yeah, Jim C, it could be considered socialism too. It's more extreme than liberalism.

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    The media is owned by the businesses, so i do not see why they could demonize the wealthy at the same time as it really is ran by the wealthy. it really is especially the large wealthy who're criticized because many of the wealth is concentrating in that crew at the same time as the customary American is dropping their undemanding of residing, at the same time as jobs are being shipped distant places and wages are being pushed down. we want reform in this u . s . or nicely finally end up like South u . s . a . the position there's a huge divide between wealthy and undesirable.

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    you are making very infantile points.

    The one major thing that you do not mention in your discussion is the fact that a) there is something called a country...a country that is supposed to have sort of a majority rule type of govt, and that country is a society...and that society and country have a govt ..which represesents the people as a whole and the society as a whole. You see how so much more complex and sophisticated my discussion is than yours that sounds like a 5th grader?

    You ignore that the govt exists by will of the people..and that the govt is the people for it represents them...or is supposed to when not overwhelmed by the money of the rich. Again..notice the sophistication I am hitting you with, and the reason and truth..not infantile, me me me its mine mine my arguments. You see, the govt that is representative of the people is there for many reasons..the main one is that its sort of a glue get things done to organize things that society would like to have done that each person acting out on his own would not get done... speaking of public schools, roads, highways, fire and police departments, and organized military, etc.. You see the sophistication? Well, to keep it short, society needs to have a pool of money to pay for all these societal expenses that are for everyone to enjoy. That takes money. Hence taxes. Is it sinking in yet? Ok, so now....the people have decided that some money should be put aside to pay for the things that they want...and logic says that they should a) raise enough money so that society is not operating in the red, and b) that fairness is not about the rich keeping as much as possible of what is theirs, but fairness is the rich contributing more because they can afford to contribute more. wow !!!! isnt that something. I won't write a book, but I will leave you with 2 thoughts, 1) every civilized representative govt in the world where the people elect their govt has a progressive tax system..which basically means they feel the rich should pay increasingly more taxes the richer they get and 2) the USA actually used to tax the rich way much more than they do historically speaking if you look at our tax history going back to 1913, the sort of taxes the rich pay today would be considered like for sure in the bottom 20% perhaps even lower when you compare all their tax rates over these years. It means given our history, the rich are getting taxed much less than we traditionally have taxed them......and let me throw this in too...coincidentally or maybe not...we also have never seen the type of budget deficits like we see now..and we have rarely ever seen such a shrinking of the middle class and stagnant economy as we see going on today other than the great depression, which by the way happened to occur after 3 straight Republican presidents were in office.

    You see now? thats what an intelligent argument looks like. The first sign is usually that someone takes the time to write his ideas down and gives details and reasoning for his position. The sign of ignorance is usually someone who types out something that more sounds like a bumper sticker slogan or something they heard some guy say on FOX news and are trying to repeat it.

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    Where did the wealthy people get that money to starrt with? Why is it wealthy people never recognize that the government plays a vital role in individuals earning money?

    Did you ever make any money over the internet? Without the government, the internet wouldn't have been invented. Ever make any money using goods that were transported on highways? Yeah, government maintains those; you couldn't have made that money without the government. Ever use satellite communications or location tracking? Yeah, without the government having developed the space program, that wouldn't have happened, so that money came from the government. Did you make any of your money as a result of contracts you entered into? Well, without the government being there to finance the court system to enforce those contracts, you never would have made any of that money.

    People seem to think that just because they receive money for something, it's automatically theirs, and they earned it solely on their own without anybody else's help. Tell you what: Go live in the middle of the wilderness without any access to paved roads, communications infrastructure, plumbing, or electricity, and then tell me how much money you make all on your own..

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    It's called Socialism... redistribution of wealth.

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    We are now a socialist country! Better hope this present administration gets booted and we restore sanity to this USA.

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