Yahoo automatic mail sign in?

After clicking on Mozilla Firefox icon, it goes to my Yahoo page. It used to automatically sign in to my Yahoo Mail. Most of the time now, I have to sign in even with my cards and log-ins It will go to sign in, but I have to click on that. How can I go directly from clicking on Mozilla Firefox and go directly to being signed in to my mail? It only does that rarely now.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Froggie and Emma both have good points, but there are other ways. The easiest is to use "save and quit" when you close Firefox (then whatever you were working on will reappear the next time you use Firefox-including sites you were signed into, unless they timeout). This ("save and quit") should be an option when you close Firefox (if it is not, then you clicked the box "don't ask me next time," so, to turn it back on click on Tools - Options - Tabs - Check - warn when closing multiple tabs).

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    Well, when you log in, underneath where you type in the user name and password it should have a box you can check that says "keep me signed in". Then when you are done with the page, just leave and do not sign out. The next time you go to your mail, it should still be signed in. It does eventually sign you out after two weeks though. :) Hope I can help.

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    hiya there back. Im the guy who tried that can assist you at unistalling your Bing toolbar. each and every application has concepts and you will truly get right of entry to and assessment each and every. bypass to the desirable of this technique and click concepts, procedures, or concepts. (while you're working homestead windows vista or 7 you will ought to press ALT to ensure that the concepts to to look.) From there there ought to be many concepts frequently you will might desire to click on the final one, and then yet another homestead windows will take place with just about all putting that is adjusted. There you need to locate something like this "ask for log in whilst checking digital mail" you are able to desire to disable this-it is going to frequently be in secure practices or privateness concepts. BTW I study a number of your solutions, and that i purely wanted to declare which you're an extremely knowledgeable man or woman.

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    Reconsider storing your passwords on your own computer or even signing in automatically. When anyone accesses your machine, they can open and read all your mail - that isn't very private. It might be a visitor to your house, a tradesperson, or even the local computer geek fixing your machine.

    If you ever got a malware infection, all your stored passwords are vulnerable for hacking.

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