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Why is a popular guy talking to a girl like me?

Well basically I started at secondary school in September I knew a few ppl going to the school already but not that many ppl.

There's a primary school to the school I'm in but I didn't go there, so in a year of 160 students, there was only 18 new ppl and one of them was me, I've made a good few friends since I've started and on the popularity scale I'm kinda in the middle but there's this guy that I like but he's extremely popular and has a million friends... We are in the same art class and the same music class.

He always screams across the class to me and compliments all my drawings etc like he just randomly comes over to me and asks me questions and stuff and I don't see why? He's popular and I barely know him, he hangs out with all the pretty girls, I guess I'm kinda pretty but I'm visually impaired so I have to wear like sunglasses :/ I KNOW for a fact he's not talking to me coz he feels "sorry" for me because he can be a bit of an ***, so he really wouldn't bother trying to make me feel better :P but he is really nice and I really like him, but y is he talkin to someone like me? :)

Thank you :) please no mean answers/comments especially about my impairment coz on my last question ppl were judging me bout it... Xxxx

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    Why are you questioning yourself? don't you think you have anything to offer a guy like that? Instead of trying to over analyze things and ask questions nobody really can answer for you then try and flirt with him and see what happens.

    Then drop those ideas in your head your not good enough for a popular guy like that. We all bring something to the table. He may just like you because you have certain qualities about you

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    Well he is taking an intrest in you and singeling you out that is always a good sign. Try and talk to him more and drop a few hints tahr you like him

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    From my experience all the "pretty girls" were really dumb and very shallow. He probably does think your pretty and its an added bonus that your not an idiot like the other girls. Just flirt right back and enjoy it.

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    People do judge a lot on yahoo. Okay i think he is talking to you because he likes the way you are as in your being yourself and someone your not.

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