fluttery nervous feeling. why?

well i have a not so good relationship with my mum.

i hate her boyfriend and his daughter.

im stressed.

i have polarized thoughts

im worried about not getting high enough marks to get into a decent uni.

im worried about my weight.

im planning on not spending xmas with mum, and spending it with my father instead... telling mum this will be extremely awkward, and she will get upset.

anyways about a month ago (start of 6th form) my heart beat was very very fast and i had this strange butterflyish feeling in my tummy ALL the time and now i keep having again but worse, it is extremely uncomfortable.. and its not because im in love or anything like that. what is this, is this adreneline from nerves or something?? also my heart beat is rather fast.

does this make you lose weight??

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    1 decade ago
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    Mr E is at it again — recommending HIO chiropractors when their advice for psychiatric would be totally useless.

    Mr E suggests an "HIO" chiropractor for practically every question he answers. "HIO" Chiropractors are such ridiculous quacks even mainstream chiropractors laugh at them. "HIO" chiropractors believe ALL disease (OK — 95%) is due to a misalignment of a single (topmost) vertebra. ALL their treatments for ALL diseases and maladies — everything from cancer to ear infections to bad breath — involve manipulations of this single vertebra at the top of the spine. You are very unlikely to get effective help from any HIO chiropractor.

    See a real physician.

  • Mr E
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    1 decade ago

    see an hio method chiropractor.

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