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How to let your dog know you are in charge?

With dogs being pack animals, it is probably important they know who is in charge. From what I understand, when a dog knows there place, it makes them happier animals.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm very good at this. Any tips on how I can better train my dog (who is a dachshund mix) will be appreciated.

I know doxies aren't the super eager "people pleasers", like some dogs are (like pit-bulls for instance---oh how I love that breed!). My first dog was a stray terrier, and I never had any problems training him. However, with my dox mix, I'm not doing so well with some basic training. My first problem is being consistent, which I'm working on right now- but anyone who is familiar with dachshunds has any advice, I would

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    When they do something wrong, use strong assertive voice commands and take loud steps to make your dog understand that you're upset with him. Don't nudge him or hurt him in any way as some people might recommend with the common "He'll learn after a few good whacks" misconception. This will only make your dog fear you, and you dont' want that. If you look them in the eye and lean down a bit, this challenges dominance. It's almost like a staring contest, until your dog looks away. If he looks away without a fight, he understands that you're the master. If your dog lunges towards you and makes a bark or growl noise, you'll need to train him more until he understands.

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    " " How to let your dog know you are in charge? " "

    EASY 101 - by taking charge the instant that I meet any dog and not taking any crap from it. For some reason that comes easy to me because dogs just like me regardless of the fact that I'm a grumpy olde pharte. But I have found that as long as one is deliberate and methodical around any dog, the dog WILL respect you. The fact that I have 24 hours a day to be with the dog has a lot to do with it as well. My current dog is with me a minimum of 19-20 hours a day. Most of what he has learned to date is simply a result of following me about on my rounds and he has received very little in the way of formal training in three years.

    This dog came to me in a 1/2 wild state and was documented as having eaten cats. I brought him into my house and never segregated him from my resident cat. That dog has never harmed a cat in this house because he knows instinctively that he's not allowed to do that here.

    Once the dog accepts that you are the alpha the dog will often do what you want simply to please you.

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    With my dogs, when ever my dog seemed to "question my authority" I would make them lay totally on the ground, as in head down on the ground as well, and stand over them for at least 30 sec. This is what wolves do in the wild to create a rank system. Also use strong voice and maybe a cage as a punishment for doing something wrong.

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    use a hard voice but let him now u love him to ,

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