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Is my WD MyBook Essential 320GB dead or still recoverable?


I`m asking this question just so i know what to ask to the service center (not one of their "preferred"because they have none in my country :( )

the situation is this:

• my external hard drive WD MYBook Essential 320GB (this one here: stopped being rrecognizedby the computer

• yes i have ddownloadedthe diagnose tools, ccheckedcables, checked sockets, checked on other PC... nothing

• the LIGHT on the fron FLASHES FAST, very fast

• the disc doesn`t seem to be spinning (no rotations, vibrations etc)

No, the question is:

• in this state give, is the disk damaged or just something inside the box

• if the disk is damaged, can the data on it still be saved?

• what other solutions are in this situation?

• can the disk be fixed?

• if only smth in the box is damaged, and not the disk, and can`t be fixed, what sould i do with the disk?

So many questions, i know.. i really hope i won`t loose my data, but need to know what is the main issue on here so i know what to ask. If they can just save my data, i shoud probably buy another disk to save it on so i should know what i`m geting into. Of course, i could just throw away the drive in the garbage, but i need all the data in there (years of work), and what if there is hope?

Pls help! Thank you!


ok, thank you, but its a little difference between "leaning towards" and knowing...

i wish i would KNOW if the disk is dead or not :(

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    If you can't hear the disk spinning up, I'm leaning towards the disk being damaged. Professionals can help you see if there's anything that can be recovered from the disk. If it is important to you, don't even attempt to do it yourself - you're not qualified to do it. Check out various data recovery specialists, and be prepared for it to cost a pretty penny.

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