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World travelers --- what are some "American friendly" countries?

Considering doing some traveling and would like opinions of others who have traveled. What were your favorite things, dislikes, pros and cons of countries you've visited.


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    Come and join me in sunny Cyprus. It welcomes people of all nationalities. Americans visit so rarely you will be a bit of a curio but welcome all the same, and yes, the locals do speak English.

    Source(s): English but retired in Cyprus
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    In China surprisingly they are very friendly to Americans, because of the history between us. We saved them in World War II and nuked their worst enemy twice. And they are still grateful for that. (they hate the Japanese).

    In South Korea they'll treat you pretty normal unless you have a shaved head and look somewhat like you might be a GI. In which case they'll probably avoid you, unless they're a prostitute. And for good reason. I met a few at a bar and felt sorry for the Koreans that had to put up with them.

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    The Dominican Republic was awesome! Lots of great beaches, fantastic all inclusive resorts, really friendly people and a decent nightlife. I was very well received there too.

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