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How common is blood Transfusion after cesarean birth?

I want to know if any one here has had any cesarean births and required blood transfusion because of giving birth this way?

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    I have had three caesareans, and not once required a blood transfusion. Even though one was for a placenta praevia and the other a placental abruption, both resulting in above average blood loss.

    I did require iron tablets for 3 months afterwards though.

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    I have also had 3 c-sections and have never need a blood transfusion and I am anemic. My first c-section was an emergency because I only dialated to 9.5 cm. The other 2 were planned. With all 3 I had minimal blood loss.

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    I had a scheduled c section with my first and I had very low iron. Mine was 9.8 when it was supposed to be 13+. During the surgery I lost alot of blood and was almost in need of a blood transfusion.

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