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Hi, I was wondering whats the best beginner class to be in WoW In 2 weeks or so i will probably buy an xbox so i just want to pass the time and Maybe ill play that and not xbox if that makes sense =/. But yeah i know there all got pros and cons i just want something fun and yeah and can you use paypal with a debit card if you dont got a mastercard or visa symbol on it? JW Anyways this is a long question so yeah WHICH CLASS IS THE BEST BEGINNER AND OH! HORDE OR ALLIANCE?

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    Which class is the best beginner?

    Priest/Druid/Shaman if you like healing

    Paladin/Warrior/Druid if you like tanking

    If you like to do dps then any class will do.

    It all depends on what you want to do. Do you want to pvp? in that case any class is pretty good (if you know how to play em) Do you want to just to pve and stay alife? well any class will do. The easiest class to survive with is the Pally.

    Horde or Alliance

    Ya know what thats impossibe to say. I chose Horde. I'm on Hyrdraxis and Horde is basically the grown up side and the Alliance is basically the kids side. (granted there are some dumb kids in the horde and some adults in the alliance) If you care abot being with the adults or the kids then its impossible to choose, because every single server is different

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    Hunter for both, use to be Paladin but now since they don't get a self heal until level 8, and knowing when to use holy power might be a bit confusing for newbies. Warriors might be ok. But I like plate melee classes.

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    Hmmm go Alliance, hunter..

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