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Christmas presents for the littlee oness (:?

Okay, its Chirstmas time!! &My mom was thinking that this year we should buy all the little kids in my family stockings anddd fill them up withh little toys and stufff. (:

So were gonnaa do that !

But there is a problem? /: We dont know what toys or anything to put in there? Anyone got ideas?

So far the only thinggg i have thought of is plastic animals and insects. Ooh and playdohh! Thats it! Helppp me forr more ideas PLEASEEEE.


&I forgot to say little ones as in the smallest 8! (:

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    we always got 1 movie in our stockings, lip gloss, a gift card, money, gum, candy

    Do you have a target by your home? Go to the discount area. Do you have a Party store? They have ALL kinds of things there. Here's a link for more ideas! Use it, it's very helpful!:


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    Doodlebooks and crayons! :DD Toy cars! A ball?

    Hope I helped! Happy Holidays ;)

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    playdoh is a good idea...

    maybe silly bandz

    hair accessories for girls

    hot wheels for boys


    a movie they like

    tiny snow globe

    tiny stuffed animals

    bubble bath

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    Nothing Helps The Little Ones Out For Puberty Like.......TAMPONS! =D

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    I have like thousands of little cousins so...

    zhu zhu pet-----family dollar or Claire's

    coloring book-----dollar tree or walmart

    puzzles-----dollar tree or family dollar

    stuffed animals-----anywhere

    activity books------family dollar

    clothes------walmart or kmart

    converse or boots------shoe dept.

    silly ban dz-------walmart


    Hope I helped!

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    little pencil sets with a mini activity pad maybe?

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    Crayons or other art supplies or books.

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