How do you get aids from oral sex? Like when a girl who has aids gives a guy a ********?

like how what in her mouth gives the cuz u cant get aids from kissing her..can u if so correct me im just kinda wondering

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    AIDS is transmit by blood or bodily fluids (sexual mostly) through cuts and mucus membranes in the flesh. It's a contact thing.

    Mouths have few mucus membranes (compared to sexual organs) but are very prone to cuts (similar to the anus) that provide perfect openings for the virus. Saliva generally doesn't contain the virus. It's similar to how Hepatitis is transmit. Remember even though kissing is extremely rare it may have happened a few times historically. Abstinence and safe sex are the best prevention.

    Please make use of condoms, gloves, and dental dams to protect yourself.

    Many websites also have info on safer sex for partners with AIDS/HIV.

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