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Good Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends?

So my brother has a girlfriend and they've been dating for about five months and he needs some ideas for what he should get her for Christmas.

Here's a little information about her to help you out:


1. Does not wear makeup or perfume.

2. Loves Tennis, college football (Oklahoma University, Sooners).

3. Will wear necklaces, earings, and rings but she's not big on much jewelry.

4. Is in band. Plays the flute and saxophone.

5. Is 15.

6. Is very athletic and tom-boyish.

7. Her favorite color is green.

8. Likes all kinds of music.

9. Loves lyrics and quotes.

10. School colors are red and black.

Please and Thank You! =)

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    fuzzy socks!

    fuzzy pajama pants



    new phone

    new bedroom set





    nail polish


    jewelry set that you put together


    lip gloss

    gift card


    spa set

    just dance 2

    purse camera

    black ops (yes! girls play that too!) lol

    i could go on!!! Well, Good luck and Happy Hollidays!

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    make her a stocking full of some of the things she likes (: for example, put a green piece of jewelry in there since her favorite color's green..make her a CD of her favorite music, or buy her a gift card to a music store around you so she can get the music she likes (: or an itunes gift card if she uses itunes. maybe see if you can find her a christmas ornament of a flute or saxophone that is black or red for the christmas tree. then, just toss in some candy (:

    Source(s): i made a stocking for my (ex) boyfriend of the stuff he liked and he loved it (:
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    365 the clarification why i admire You. arise with all of the justifications and you will positioned all of them right into a binder or scrapbook - beautify it even however you need. I did this for my fiance and he enjoyed it! you may get her a digital image physique from Walmart. they are in a position to be as low as approximately $40. then you particularly could positioned all of the pictures you have of one yet another on it and he or she will save it in her room. I truthfully have one and that i truthfully like it. It additionally somewhat helped as quickly as we had a protracted distance relationship. A gold-dipped rose. those are the main romantic present concept ever! a minimum of i think of so. and that they final continually! If she loves to study you may make her a selfmade bookmark. I have been given one from my fiance and that i take advantage of it greater effective than quite lots something he's gotten me. He wrote a short message on it and it continually places a grin on my face. And in case you're no longer imaginative you may get an engraved one from issues Remembered with a undeniable message on it.

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    If your brother is up for it, he could make her a scrapbook! It's truly not a lot of work and it is very personal and fun. He could include all of the fun memories or maybe collages of pictures from magazines of what she likes!

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    Does she like creative, cutesy stuff, plus getting lots of packages in the mail? He could get her a gift package subscription. She'll get a cute fun package once a month, and each time it's full of fun surprises (check out their site for samples).

    The name of the company is fair ivy surprise package subscriptions --I get them for my sister and she loves waiting for the mail each month.

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    oooohhhhh ik! go to one of those spray-painting shirt desigining stores and get a black sweatshirt and have them print out Oklahoma University Sooners on it. itll look really cool!!!!

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