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A friend of mine is going out with this guy (aged at least 25), and I don't trust him?

My friend's 17. She was reading in a cafe when this guy randomly sat down with her and asked her about the book, and they struck up a conversation, and she now knows his "name" and "where he works" (this is plausable as he was wearing the uniform of the job he gave).

They met again by chance about a week later whilst I was there. He ate on his own (we were in the cafe) but when he was done he came over to our table and asked for her number (using the phrase "nothing funny") saying that he just wanted to go for lunch sometime.

They texted a bit and about a week after that he sent her a photo of a mask he'd seen in a museum that he thought she'd like. This is odd because she has been to that museum a week beforehand (without mentioning it to him) and had taken a photo of that mask (one of about 6 photos she took whilst there.)

He's since asked her to the cinema and she declined, so now he's asked her shopping. She sees no problem with this, and is going out with him alone on Sunday. Her dad and I seem to be the only ones to think that this is weird and dangerous! Am I being paranoid, or is this an unsafe situation? How can I convince her not to go?


I'm working that day or I'd go with her... And nobody else will go, because they all seem to think that the situation is ok...

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    That is weird, you are right to not trust him as none of you know much about him. Just make sure your friend is careful and tell her to call either you or your dad or anyone if there is trouble. You could even be near where they are going shopping if you are really worried.

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    Even my stranger gut instincts say its dangerous. Tell her that does she not feel uncomfortable going with him? And that does she trust him?

    He might be awesome and he might be dangerous too.

    Ask her to talk some more and discover.

    Within the talking time, He is bound to do something stupid.

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    Have a threesome :)

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