Is it common in American schools for parents to bribe teachers and adminstrators for their kid's benefit?

I suppose my first observation of this came in 11th grade when I looked at my high school's 1st marking period honor roll which listed everyone who got at least a B- in their major subjects and at least a C- in their minor subjects. I noticed a few names that didn't seem to belong on that honor roll list, including a certain girl who was in my Spanish class and failed most of her tests and quizzes. When I saw her name on the list I began to wonder if her parents (as well as the parents of all the other kids who didn't seem to belong there) bribed the school just so her name would appear on the honor roll for everyone to see. The fact that my school was the ranked as the second best public school in Pennsylvania at the time led me to think that this is common in most American schools. Am I right? Do lots of parents of high school students bribe the school teachers and administrators for their own child's benefit?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Bribe or threaten. It happens a lot!

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