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im scared, please answer questions?

Each month i usually get my period about 4 days earlier than i got it last month. Now, this month i havent gotten it yet and in 2 days it will be exactly a month that i havent gotten it. Should i wait to take a pregnancy test. And is it possible for my period to just be delayed due to stress or something? I keep feeling like im getting it: crying for no reason, ive been really emotional and alot of discharge. But i also feel fatter, even in the morning when i havent eaten anything yet... help?

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    i know how you feel! i haven't had a period in the last five months!

    give it a few more days sometimes it delays im sure you have nothing to worry about. try not to stress...if you think you are pregnant then take a pregnancy test and if you not pregnant yet you miss a period then consult a doctor.

    if you're on any contraceptive pills then that can also delay the period as well as stress and weight gain.

    try not to stress im sure you have nothing to worry about.

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    If it's bugging you that much, your period could be delayed due to high stress levels. Wait until you're late by about a week.

    Then, if you're still paranoid about it, you can get a pregnancy test, assuming you've had unprotected sex lately.

    Everything will be ok!!

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    Take A Hot Bath...Add Salt. You should get it before the end of the week. (Been taking them since I was 12, for "stuck periods". Don't worry, and don't stress....that only makes it worse. Try the bath.

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