Scientifically humans are a type of ape and belong to the hominade family. Isn't it strange?

Isn't it strange to know that you're a type of ape? Scientists classify humans as being an ape. It's kind of creepy in a way.

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    Not strange at all.

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    nicely... there's a phenomenon widespread as "convergent evolution" wherein unrelated organisms in comparable evolutionary niches evolve to bodily resemble one yet another, a minimum of on a superficial point. a stable occasion is to look at a shark (fish), dolphin (mammal) and ichthyosaur (extinct reptile), all of that are predatory sea creatures, and all of that have an identical sort. An the two magnificent occasion is the Desman, an aquatic mole residing in basic terms in Spain and Russia which bears a remarkable resemblance to Australia's regularly occurring yet thoroughly unrelated Duckbilled Platypus. So, given adequate evolutionary impetus (or an honest adequate environmental area of interest) it may well be available for humanoids to at last evolve from reptiles, birds or maybe non-primate mammals. yet do not carry your breath... yet another component you ought to understand is that Humanity is neither a purpose nor a top of the evolutionary technique. Evolution is blind, nevertheless by making use of no means random, and only via fact we are interestingly the main smart creatures on the earth does not propose we are unavoidably the main powerful in any sort of techniques. do not ignore that the dinosaurs have been around for a hundred million years. Us? some hundred thousand so a techniques...

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    Yea, it's strange because we look different, but not so strange since we have very similar DNA to them. I believe they classify us as ape since we share some of same characteristics such as opposable thumbs, walking upright, and the anatomy.

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    We aren't apes the theory of evolution is opposite of the facts. Evolution is regressive not progressive. Look at the Godless people of England, Greece, Italy, and the rest of the progressive nations. They act like apes and we soon will in this land if we continue down the road we are going!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is creepy. Charles Darwin, a life-long minister, discovered the theory of natural selection and micro-evolution. He was very creeped out by his discoveries.

    Source(s): Biology Honours
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