What can i do about this??? My instructor is a *****! Please Help?

This was suppose to be my last basic this semester for nursing and i have a really big problem. This instructor hates me for some reason.I come to class every day and do my work. I am a very quiet person and don't have time for drama. I also have a hearing loss which she act like she don't understand. I told her about it and she would look at me like something is wrong with me. She is my College Reading II instructor and she gets on my nerves a lot. She makes me do twice as much work than anybody, call me out in class, treats me like i don't know anything, and don't ever seem to care about my work when she grades everyone else.(i would have to make her check my work) This is my second time taking her...During my first year in college i took her for College Reading I and again i do my work,study, come to class. (i smile at her everyday) She flunked me..i repeated it with another instructor (same class) I got out of that class with a B b/c i understood her better. Then moved on to College Reading II which i am now taking in her class...she is treating me the same way she does the first time i met her. I was doing well in her class until she only made me and this other girl take a post test ( i made a 61 on it) 65 or higher would be passing. I have a C in her class and still can't pass.(she is the only instructor that teach College Reading II) My advisor is another B**** ...my reading teacher was talking to my advisor about something when i went in there to show her my score and (reading instructor) she said i have to repeat it ..my advisor shook her head like "oh she cant pass" WTF is wrong with her..??? I was soo pissed my instructor smiled and said well i will see you next semester. I remember my advisor saying one time a while back(are you sure you want to do nursing??) i was like yes..i have a passion for it and this is what i like to do ..i like to help people. she was like taking a deep breathe ..what is up with this?? I am sick of it ...i don't feel like taking her next semester too much stress and she making me take it over for no reason. Can my advisor force me to take this over? i was thinking about taking another class next semester. What does that mean???


This is a community college..thanks in advance!!

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    You need to take this course in order to get your degree. It is one of the requirements, so yes your advisor can "force" you to take it. It is unfortunate that she is treating you this way; an advisor should be supportive and you shouldn't listen to anyone who tries to crush your dreams. I'm sorry that this teacher is the only one who teaches the course, are you sure you're the only one who is having problems with her? If there are multiple people with the same concerns you could go talk to the department and have something done about her teaching methods.

    Do you think going in and talking to her before/after class or during her office hours would help. Tell her that you're really struggling and ask what she feels like you can do to succeed in her class. Most professors are on a power trip so in order to pass the class, just give in to the fact that telling her you think she's wrong in what she's doing isn't really going to help. Have her give you suggestions to do better in the class and make sure you're a presence in her class and that she sees that you're trying.

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    try taking with other teacher also don't listen to no one you can do it . I had same problems with my teacher i dropped that class and took it with other teacher.got A

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