high anxiety=bullied :S?

hi , i have very high anxiety, and i get scared a lot very easily, all my friends and teachers and family and basically everyone mock me and scare me intentionally,i actually do get scared really badly, and it is really so hard that everyday everyone makes fun of me becasue of it and i tried to tell them and they laugh at me more, even the teachers at my school..i really don't know what to do or how to deal with it....can anyone help me please? i would be really greatful!


i have told my therpaist about it and she said it was anxiety and will put me on more medication but hasnt helped me with dealing with the people at school,ive tried to tell the best teacher in school who is kind of a counciller but he did tell me anything, anyway thank you all for you help

ps.jumpy and scared easily,i mean like if someone comes in the room and i dont see them i really get scared bad or if someone comes behind me or if someone talks even or puts something on my desk anything to be honest even really small things.

thank you anyway :)

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    well if i were you i would go to see a doctor, more specifically a psychologist or a therapist because you may suffer from a disorder, so the fear you say right now that you think is irrational, could be something that could be easily treated with the proper medication. or you may just be over stressed, OR just simply scared easily. but i wouldnt jump to any conclusions until you sought the right medical help. as for the people that make fun of you, including teachers, you just have to stand up for yourself. look them in the eye and tell them to shut up.

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    You are really vague about this. Being "jumpy" or "easily scared" isn't anxiety. Some people are just easier to scare than others. If you believe you have actual anxiety, where you constantly worry, or try to avoid situations that can result in you being anxious, then you should definitely seek therapy.

    Also, teenagers are jerks. If you say DONT DO THIS, they'll do it. In their mind they don't understand how rough it is for you, and just find your reactions amusing. Either stop mentioning it, or pull them aside and seriously explain that they need to stop because it's making life hard for you - and that you can't hang out with them anymore if they're going to continue to be a jerk.

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    Only from how you wrote this you seem like a really nice funny person. Don't listen to people at school. You need to take this to the principle or dean. For the teachers to be in on this is TERRIBLE. Also a psyciatrist would be good for the anxiety. Im on a few meds myself, and they can really help.

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    Talk to a therapist and checkout some self-help books on anxiety. Cogntive therapy (control of thoughts in the mind) can also help. It sounds like you have some deeper issues that you need to look at.

    Here are some helpful websites that can help:



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    Yes it seems that you need to see a doctor, and talk this over with them. I know of a online support group that can support and pray for you. Many people just like you who went through or are going through what your feeling. I do hope to see you there.

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