Can't delete old Quicktime to install new Quictime...?

The newer version won't install because the older version won't delete/uninstall. Computer is a Dell desktop (from the Dimension series I think).

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    This should completely uninstall Quicktime:

    1. Go to C:\Program Files, then delete the entire QuickTime folder.

    2. Click Start - Find/Search - All Files And Folders, select the hard drive ( C: ) to look in, type in QuickTime, then click Find/Search. when the list of files appear, right-click on and delete all the ones that you confirm are associated with QuickTime.

    3. Click Start - Run, type in REGEDIT, then click OK. Click the + in:



    In the Software sub-menu, right-click directly on the Apple Computer entry, then click Delete - Yes.

    (Note: If you click the + in the "Apple Computer" entry, you'll see "QuickTime" listed there)

    After doing that, if the QuickTime entry is still showing up in Add/Remove Programs then do this:

    Go back into the registry and click the + in:







    Start at the top of the Uninstall list and click on each sub-folder and look at the entries in the right pane. When you find the sub-folder for QuickTime, right-click it and delete it. The QuickTime entry will possibly be listed more than once in the Uninstall list, so keep going until you get to the bottom of the list.

    Close the registry editor. The QuickTime entry should now be gone from Add/Remove Programs.

    Hope this helped.


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    Click on control panel then on add remove programs and scroll down until you find Quicktime and then to the right click uninstall that should solve your problem you might also want or need to go to my computer then click on (c) drive or which ever one is your main drive then on program files and find quicktime there and right click on it then delete this should have completely gotten rid of it then go ahead and install the new version I believe this will solve all your problems good luck to you

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