Are dominicans black? Sammy Sosa looks and Al Hortford look black. Sammy Sosa looks weird w/ white skin?

do you think he did that because he was mistaken as Black?


I thought dominicans is south american which would make them Latino? I thought Black meant people that have ancestry from Africa?

I know not all AFricans are black looking some look European

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    Dominicans, as well as all other Caribbean people are a big mix of European, Black, and Native americans (Tainos). But there are also many that are pure European, pure black, and pure native american. it usually depends on which part of the Island their from. For example, I'm Puerto Rican and my family is from the center of the island. There was a majority of indigenous people and europeans in this part of the Island, put on the southern coast, there are more people of black descent, Just the same as D.R and Cuba.

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    Dominicanos can come in any color as can others who come from the Caribbean. It's called island culture and has to do with many things among them is a fairly mixed gene pool. Add to this the complexity of the culture itself and it's written history...the longest in the New World. This is where the Spanish placed their main colony over 500 years ago.

    2 main groups of indigenous reds were present in 1492. The next to arrive were the whites from Europe who brought blacks as slaves.

    Is Sammy black? I'd say so, but he's probably "all of the above."

    When he arrived in Chicago as a White Sox player people thought he was a poor skinny black kid that could play ball. It wasn't until he was later traded because of lack of hitting skills to the Cubs did people realize that he could barely speak English and he was speaking Eubonics.

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    yes they are black but they deny it sammy sosa doesnt have white skin just light brown

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    They are not black they are just dark. This kid Jose whom I know is Dominican and he says he is not black he is just dark skinned.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, they are.

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