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Symptoms of pregnancy?

My husband and I just decided to start trying for a baby. Well, I'm supposed to start my period in two days. Since I was 12 years old, now being 22, it has never been early/late. I've always had a 32 day cycle [just for information]. I'm not cramping at all, haven't been. But I usually start cramping 3-4 days prior to starting. I've got this killer headache and a continuous mild fever. Clearly, there hasn't been any weight gain or anything, but my breasts are tender. Like, so bad that I can't even put on a bra without being put through agonizing pain. [Diarrhea, too. Sorry if TMI, I didn't know if that would help]Just wondering what you guys think. I didn't expect the first time to work anyway, but if it did, that'd be great. :)

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    Well my advice is to wait for you missed period and then test. Good luck and baby dust.

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    Lots of women get pregnant the first month of trying or even without trying so you def could be pregnant.However a fever would not be a symptom of early pregnancy and the fact that you have a fever with a horrible headache and diareah meakes me think you are sick rather than pregnant.

  • "FATIGUE, SWOLLEN and TENDER breasts, HEADACHES, FLU LIKE symptoms, and MOOD SWINGS can begin as early as one to two weeks into your pregnancy."

    "FREQUENT urination, morning sickness and NAUSEA, and odd food cravings generally begin around 2-3 weeks into the pregnancy; sometimes these symptoms do not occur until 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy."

    "If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, and there is a POSSIBILITY that you can be PREGNANT, than you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Over the counter urine tests and blood tests performed by a physician detect levels of human chorionic gonadotropin, (HCG), in your blood;

    This hormone is released by the developing placenta and begins to appear in the blood as little as 5 days after conception. Over the counter urine tests are up to 97% accurate; these tests are usually not able to detect HCG in your urine until one week after your missed period. Blood tests are up to 99% accurate, and these tests can detect HGC in your blood as soon as 7 days after your ovulation."

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