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Can you get HIV from a barber shop, if the barber is HIV positive, and he shaves you ?

He uses no gloves while he shaves you

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    Pretty unlikely, unless he cuts both himself and you, and his blood gets into your cut. A much more likely scenario would be if he used the same razor on you that he used on someone with HIV, and didn't properly disinfect it. Wearing gloves would be more for his own protection than yours. He couldn't give you HIV just by touching you, even if he had it.

  • Anonymous
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    ...HIV of the fingers?

    Never heard of it. Afraid your hair might get infected? Do you even KNOW if the barber is HIV positive?

  • ?
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    Not unless he has open sores all over his hands and he cuts you while shaving you... Even then it would be pretty unlikely.

    Source(s): RN for 12 years
  • Zarn
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    Sure. Especially if he first cuts you deeply, then cuts himself deeply, and then bleeds into the wound.

    Under normal circumstances, no. You'll be perfectly safe. Nicks and cuts can be issues, though.

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  • Anonymous
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    No... Unless afterwards you decide to have unprotected sex, share some needles or rub his blood into open wounds of yours.

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    Only if his blood into your blood otherwise no

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