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I feel like I am betraying her...?

I have been going out with my girlfriend for a good month and we are in love, but there is a problem. Lately I have been talking to her friend with facebook. This friend has a pretty turbulent love life and is always lonely. My girlfriend has a lot of stuff after school and so I chat with this friend a lot more than I think I should. It would not be as bad if I did not keep getting romantic hints from this girl. I keep apologizing every time she says no one can love her but I love only my girlfriend please help. I love my girlfriend and see this girl as a friend but I don't know how to fix this

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    Well, this is a problem because this is not your friend, because if it was you could simply say you were being loyal for old times sake, but since it is her friend the best thing to do is say to her you are not interested or give up on her. If it were me I would just get this girl a hook up if she is lonely. Go for one of your friends.

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    Let her know you only see her as a friend, or just quit talking to her if she can't accept that. If you really care about your current girlfriend you wouldn't want any problems to arise out of this situation.

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    mhm. well don't talk to her as much for one thing! tell her that you and your girl love each other and you aren't interested. she justs wants attention from a boy.

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    Just tell her your not interested! Then ignore her. haha.

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