can my landlord do this?

I have been living in a privately rented house since 08/10/10. It is a 6 month contract but the landlady promised a few things that would be done that haven't been yet. I also cant afford it as there isn't double glazing in the rear window of the living room which makes it freezing in there and I have a 6 month old baby so have to have the heating on constant and the fire on at all times that I am in there with the baby as she gets cold really quick and my gas bills has been through the roof.

Anyway I told my landlord I was looking for somewhere else to live a couple of weeks ago but she told me on tuesday when she came for the rent that I needed to give 2 months written notice. I decided I would wait until after christmas until I give it in writing to save more stress trying to find somewhere over the festive period.

Anyway the same night, I was just browsing on estate agents websites and noticed she had already put the house back up for rent, within a couple of hours and last night I came home to find the board had been put up outside!!

I haven't even give my written notice, surely she cant do this?

Also she hasn't put my deposit of £550 into a deposit scheme and was told that if she was to give me notice to move out i wouldn't have to as she hasn't stuck by the tenancy so does this apply to me giving her notice aswel?

I have been in touch with her and told her that I was waiting until after Christmas until I handed in m written notice and she said "that's fine, the agents know its not going to be empty for at least 2 months anyway"

Im not really sure what I should do here, she mentioned that people would be coming to view the house but I didn't think she meant yet, I thought she meant when I had given the notice, but with the board being up and it advertised in the estate agents, people will be coming round before then?

Please Help!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    You are going to find the answers to all your questions in your lease.

    1 mail a certified letter to the landlord explaining your heat problem

    2 tell him about your deposit

    3 also mention the 2 months termination lease notice but if the heat is not fix within the next ( lets say ) 7 days you will move out at the end of the month.

    Do not do anything verbally. Everything in writing that way you have a leg to stand in court.

    Good luck

  • Cinna
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    1 decade ago

    Just read you contract and that will be the only rules that apply. The thing that I see as important is when is your lease up?

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