Literary agent charges for photocopying?

Okay, I understand

Hey, but what if I have a printing store that can print those copies for him/her?

Your thoughts...


It is not misinformation, I read it from one specific book in Borders.

Just go one by one (of the list) and you will find them.

I did not say that all the Literary Agents are in that way, BUT few.

Do I have to inform the name of the book (2010 and 2011 edition) here?

Just go to Borders or any other book store, take a good sofa, tons of patience as I did, and search for the information. I am not a liar.

All was just a question...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You shouldn't be a paying an agent for copying. You shouldn't be paying them any money upfront at all.

    A legitimate literary agent takes a percentage of your earnings from your book, once they have secured you a book deal. They shouldn't be charging you for things like photocopying and postage.

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