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A Question about a Limo, Girlfriend, And Candy Corn!?

Ok, no candy corn, sorry.

I'm a senior in High School and my friends are setting up limos by the 23rd of December. Since I haven't asked my girlfriend to prom yet, they've told me that I should ask her if I'm going to by then. Right now I have nom problem asking my girlfriend to prom, it's just that I have these weird feeling that our relationship won't last all the way to June when prom is, and we'll break up before then and it'll cause some mayhem and awkwardness at prom. What to do? People have told me to just break up wit her now, bt I honestly don't want to. I like her, but my inklings are usually right...

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    Well, if you break up with her, do you still planning on going to prom? Just get counted on the limo, and if you don't have a girlfriend, bring a date, even if it's just as friends.

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