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If I converted 65,000 square miles into a ring shaped island how thick would it be?

for my civics class we are creating our own country and i had the clever idea of making it a ring shaped island. its circular but hallow on the inside. if you have any more questions i will answer im not very good at explaining things.

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    That depends. The larger the circle is, the thinner it would be.

    For instance, the smallest it would be is circle 287miles across (143mile radius). So no hollow center.

    If the center hollow has a radius of 100miles, then it would be 75 miles thick. If the center hollow has a radius of 1000 miles, then it would be 10 miles thick.

    Area = pi * (r(outer)^2 - r(inner)^2)

    r(outer) = sqrt(Area/pi + r(inner)^2)

    r(outer) = sqrt(65000mi^2/pi + r(inner)^2)

    So plug in the radius of the inner hollow to get the outer radius, then subtract the two to get the thickness.

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    65,000 square miles is about the size of Egypt.

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