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when should i dye my hair again?

Is it ok if i dye my hair again i just died it two days ago and i missed some spots so how long should i waite to dye it ?

The dye i used was Revlon and it was black brown.

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    If you dye just the spots you missed then you can go ahead and dye it again but unfortunetly you will probably get some hair dye in other spots that you dyed two days ago which is bad. So my answer to you is that you should just wait 4 weeks before you dye your hair again, if you don't that can cause way more damage to your hair regardless of if you notice that damage or not, it will still occur. To have healthier hair just wait. Now if you go to a professional salon you would not have to wait because they usually do precise work, all depends on what you want to do.

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    Doing certain spots will be fine but I don't recommend revlon hair dye its not very good I would use garnier nuttrise it lasts much longer and looks amazing

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    I think you should be fine just doing your spots in your hair that you missed don't do it all over again

  • I would just get those spots don't do it all over again do it as soon as possible though.

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    only dye those certain spots.

    and make sure you condition well after you dye your hair.

    try deep conditioning you hair too to get it back in shape.

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    i'd say use a semi-permanent hair dye, then when your roots start showing, re dye with permanent :)

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    Usually they say 6weeks later but guess u can do it sooner since it's not the whole head

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    I Think If you just do those spots you'll be fine .

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