Should I even apply to yale? or other ivies?

Ive been looking at acceptance rates for the top colleges and they are really low, and im just wondering should i even bother applying to them.

Im a black male from chicago and im certain No Other black male from south side of chicago will be applying to the big ivies.

I have a 4.00 gpa unweighted and a 4.95 weighted gpa

ive done chess and tennis all four years of hs and i am currently working on rahm emmanuel campaign for mayor

The only downfall is im not really comfortable taking text and get really nervous and on the ACTs i got a 23

and the hs i went to dosent offer many honors classes but i took all of them that they offered.

So should i even bother applying to the ivies since all i here is that they look at the act and sat score?


Hahaha I can see some people have some sort of anger because they didn't get into the school of their choice So they want to discourage everyone else. But really if you don't have any good input please just don't say anything at all.

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    Some people really are absolutely ignorant.

    First of all, you have very good extracurriculars, and you show a lot of dedication and commitment through them. Bring this through in some of your application essays.

    Second, I am impressed that you took all available opportunities at your high school. Maybe you could go a step further and self-study for an AP exam or make yourself stand out as someone who is really a go-getter.

    Third, "good input" should not be defined as the answer you WANT to hear. It should be the helpful, realistic answer. Frankly, not many people on Y!A will give you that.

    Fourthly, and finally, know that you will not get in simply because you are black. Even with affirmative action, which is actually a good impact on society, you get in because you meet certain criteria or have qualities which colleges look for in their candidates. Honestly, the 23 on the ACT should be brought up at least to a 28-30 range. The higher, the better. Or try your luck at the SAT--some people have major score differences between the two standardized tests.

    I support affirmative action because I know that it is right. Also, people should know that even the black or Latino applicant that gets in is just as qualified as other candidates that apply--but only after they meet that criteria and they're neck-and-neck with someone else do they get the leg up because of their race or gender.

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    I am honestly jealous with your stats. I'm also a high school senior, although international, looking for US universities. I'm definitely not in your level and are very unlikely to be able to apply for those schools you mentioned. But based on my experience after a lot of efforts in researching for schools. You have a fair chance ANYWHERE. Even with Yale or any other Ivies for that matter. Because your SAT and ACT are well above average even for them. Your high school results are impressive. You have quite a lot of extracurricular activities. However as an international living outside the US, I will not speculate your chances through those activities. On the other hand, Ivies, as you know, are VERY competitive. They look at every aspect of a student, from academic life to social life. Therefore a strong academic performance does not decide the result. You certainly excelled in your academic performance, and without any other factor considered, I'm sure Yale would have accepted you. There are many possible reasons why you are because the schools have a limit quotation on international or Asian race population.. But again, I really think you should be proud of what you have achieved so far. Don't underestimate yourself and be more confident. I believe that if you apply for all those schools mentioned above, at least 4 to 5 schools will let you in.

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    1 decade ago

    You are incorrect in assuming no other black male from the south side will be applying to ivy league schools. You will not get in with a 23. It is unlikely you will get in with under a 34 for that matter.

    It has nothing to do with anger, people are just trying to get you used to reality. There are thousands of qualified people that apply for all of these positions. Even minorities from low income areas. There is no reason for them to accept an unqualified person.

    Standardized tests are the major way for colleges to compare people across schools. Low test scores and high grades are the number one indication of grade inflation. Whether or not this is the case at your school is sort of irrelevant.

    I wouldn't worry though, with your gpa you will get into a nice school. Unless you increase your act/sat scores however, it will not be an ivy league school.

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    1 decade ago

    How the Hell do you have a 4.0 GPA? Did you go to school with a bunch a retards? I'm a bad test taker. I still got a 32. I was upset. I was valedictorian. I did not get into Yale, but I was wait-listed at Brown. I now go to Notre Dame. By the way, it is "hear" not "here." Learn proper grammar. To answer your question, you are black so that increases your chances greatly. However, I am just trying to help when I say don't waste your money. If do apply and get in, just know it is only because you are black.

    Clearly you aren't very smart because you are asking strangers on the internet to help decide your future!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Apply. This will be a first step to your future and what kind of college you go to does make a difference.

    Take ACT again. This time, prepare harder and improve your score.

    There's a chance for sure. So don't give up and apply broad range of schools including your top choices.

  • 1 decade ago

    whats the worst that could happen?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go for it !

    what do you have to lose?

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