do you think he likes me or should i give up on him ?

*first he told me he liked me so i said why dont you ask me out then

*so he asked me, but i didnt believe he ment it so i said if you really like me kiss me the next time you see me

*so the next time i saw him was on halloween and we went trick-or-treating together but he didnt kiss me, he would only nudge me playfully and he tugged on my pony tail.

*but i understand why he didnt kiss me sinse his bestfriend is my cousin and both him my brother were there.

*on facebook he would put a heart, wink, or smile next to everything he said to me

*so he lives right in front of my cousins house and when ever i was there he usually came over but still no kiss

*one saturday i was riding my bike with my bestfriend and we passed by his house

* and we texted if he was home, he said no that he was with his friend

* so we met up but we were only together for a few minutes

* so then anther time i was at my cousins house and he came over. at first we would talk a little but soon after he sat next to me. we would fight over these childish pillows and he would always grab me by the waist. it was already night time so it was dark in the room. we sat next to each other, like shoulder to shoulder. and he kept looking at me with those puppy kind of eyes but he kind of seemed confused. so i would look at him and we would stare and he would sorta lean in to kiss but i couldnt really tell and we were about to like 3 times but someone had to always walk in or it just would be to awkward.

soo what do you say ?

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  • Briana
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    1 decade ago
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    jk, he likes youuu soooo muchhh.

    get some giiiirl (;

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