What's the world record for fastest airplane?

Does anyone know the record for world's fastest airplane?

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    The fastest manned air breathing aircraft is the SR-71 Blackbird.

    The fastest unmanned air breathing aircraft is the X-43

    The fastest manned rocket powered aircraft is either the X-15 or the Space Shuttle. Too tired to search for the info on each aircraft. How fast is the Space Shuttle before it's in space verses the Mach 6.72 by the X-15 piloted by Pete Knight on 3 October 1967.

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    The current Guiness Book of Worlds Offical speed record of the Fastest plane in the world is the SR-71 Blackbird with a record speed of Mach 3.14 (2,193.17mph), (3,529.56km/h). This was set on 28, July 1976 on a 158 mile course.

    The Unoffical speed record is Mach 6.72 (4,534mph) (7297km/h) was set by the X-15 Rocket Test aircraft set in 3, October 1967. This is not considered an air breathing plane and thus the record is not considered by the Guiness Book of World Records but is in the Guiness Book of Air Facts and Feats which is different from the Records Book. Also the X-15 was an experimental plane that was launched from a Mother ship the B-52 Stratofortress from an altitude of around 50,000ft. To be considered a record a plane must take of from land under it's own power not from a mother ship.


    As for the X-35 I have never heard of such a plane or drone so I can not comment on that plane.

    Source(s): The Guiness Book of World Records 2003 Page 203 Category Aircraft ISBN: 0-553-58636-X Guiness Book of Air Facts and Feats Authors John W. R. Taylor, Michael J. H. Taylor and David Mondey. Copyright 1979 ISBN: 0-553-01130-8 Appendix I Progressive World Absolute Speed Records Achieved by Man in the Atmosphere Pages 214-217 Progressive Maximum Speeds Achieved by the American X-15 Rocket-Powered Research Aircraft page 217
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    The fastest airplane was the X-15. It traveled at 6 times the speed of sound and reached an altitude of over 450,000 ft. AS far as I know the only thing faster is the Space Shuttle, but it flies fast only on ascent and descent, not constant until in orbit at 17,500mph (also known as escape velocity for you Apollo buffs). The X-45C was dropped from NASA's new B-52 about a year ago and reached 7,000mph in the atmosphere. The construction of alloy's eludes me, but this aircraft undoubtedly encountered VERY high frictional heating. The X-45 was however unmanned. We're working on it but proof of concept vehicles in the atmosphere as we know it that are manned are most likely years away. It's pretty neat to think about though isn't it! I hope I could answer your question for you. rMT

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    The NASA X-43A flew at speeds of 12.144km/h (7,546mph)(Mach 9.58) in 2004, at an altitude of 34,000m (112,000ft)

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    THE SPEED OF LIGHT! Its just that its invisible and you can't see it. Thats military technology for you.

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