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I have tooth bumps. Can someone give me advice?

Ever since I got my adult teeth when I was like 9ish (so about 5 maybe more years ago), I've had these teeny tiny bumps on the my two front teeth, both top and bottom. They're only on the two front teeth in both rows, and they're not really annoying or in the way of anything, but I've been considering asking my parents if I can get the filed down.

First, how much would this procedure hurt? I'm pretty INtolerant of pain, especially in my mouth. My old dentist said they would go away in a few years just from eating food, but they haven't. They kinda make me feel too much like a little kid. My friends say the bumps aren't noticable but every time I touch my tounge to my teeth I feel self conscience of them.

Second, does anyone else have this? I've never really noticed it on anyone besides my 2nd grade neighbor. Is it even something that can be fixed? I see them in all my school photos and it makes me feel weird.

I appriciate any help with my problem.

P. S. I got my braces off about a year ago and the only orthadontia I wear is a permanent wire retainer on the backs of my four front teeth both top and bottom, but they're near the roof and bottom of my mouth.

I also wear a clear plastic overlay retainer at night. Would having my teeth filed down cause me to have to be refitted for that?

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    They are called mamelons and all newly erupted front teeth will have them. Over time people wear them down I'm 22 and still have them on my teeth although they are much less obvious than they used to be. My advice would be to accept your smile the way it is your dentist is telling the truth that over time they will reduce. I know it annoys you know but it's really not worth smoothing them off you will be so glad of those extra few millimetres of tooth when hour older and all your friends teeth will have worn down more than yours! Also because you are so young the middle part of your tooth with All the blood vessels and nerves in called the pulp is very large and has a nasty habit of being close to these mamelons. Trust me it's not worth risking exposing the pulp having to have root canal at 14 and possibly a crown by the time your my age over a few bumps on your teeth which no one notices because trust me they will notice if you end up with a crown!

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    Lots of people have those... I did as a kid. Yes, they will go away as you get older, but it will take about 10-12 years. Just relax, one day you'll be surprised to see they're not there any more. Having them filed down is unnecessary and I wouldn't really consider it, but if you're that self conscious discuss it with your dentist on the next visit. And yes, you probably would have to get a new retainer since this will change the shape of your teeth.

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    It is probably an infection. If you have a regular doctor he could prescribe an antibiotic but until you have the tooth removed it will come back. If you let the infection get to bad your face will swell and you could possibly get blood poisoning. That means a hospital bill or possibly death. Good Luck!!

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