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How you can hurt pro Wikileaks hackers?

The group Anonymous, which has responsible for attacks on major companies like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Amazon is holding a vote to determine their next target. We can try to botch the vote by doing the following

Enter the website InPrivate mode and fill in the other box with Church of Scientology or something else then cast your vote multiple times.


Its fine... Im like 98% sure

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    I'm worried that if I click that link my computer will catch aids

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    First of all, they aren't hackers. A DDoS is not hacking, the media calls them hackers because they don't know any better.

    Secondly, I'd love to see you try to take them on. Head over to 4chan and get started right away. Lulz will be had by all.

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    Hmmm let's see which of them is more evil.

    A group of people who have an organization that functions like a religion, pays its workers bare minimum wages while the top rakes in millions, tries to get out of paying as much taxes as possible, and their entire 'religion' is set up as a scam.

    The other is a group of people who have an organization that lends to people so they can buy useless junk they probably don't need. They pay their base workers barely enough to survive, the top 5 people make over $60 million between them, they convince governments to make them pay as little taxes as possible, their entire business is hoping you'll overspend so they can make you pay back 2x what they lent you. (Ursury is evil in Islam, just saying....)

    WOW, tough choice there buddy! I'll have to think it over.

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    I hate to do a self-promo, but maybe you should visit my blog which talks about how this can be stopped:

    The only way we can stop them is to stand together as Americans and world citizens and demand our government do something about this and the web in general! The First Amendment has gotten out of control just like the Second.

    Anyone can participate and comment, and I'd love to have more Anti-Wikileaks supporters. I promise you, my blog is just as Wordpress blog as you see by its URL. It has NO content harmful to computers. Wordpress is a reputable and safe blog host. So even though this post is about hackers, don't be afraid to visit, please!

    Source(s): ^ My blog on politics, socialism and current events. I hope to have you participate and comment!
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    I'm not going to a link connected to this debacle in any way - I don't want to end up in Guantanamo Bay.

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    I wont. I support Wikileaks so, no, go to hell.

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