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why is it that during Christmas, Santa Claus tries replacing Jesus, and in easter, the easter bunny tries?

replacing Jesus, but nothing really replaces the holidays from other religious groups...


why IS that?


It smells like satan is trying to conceal the truth...





what beliefs? The belief Jesus exists ot that Santa and the earter bunny dont replace Him?

Update 2:

nvr mind

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    Yes, Satan is always trying to confuse people and have people forget the true meaning of these times.

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    that's like asserting Amare Stoudemire would desire to replace A-Rod or Eli Manning would desire to fill in for Henrik Lindstrom. One's Christmas and the different is Easter. distinctive video games, distinctive regulations, distinctive venues, distinctive crowds.

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    OUR whole CONCEPT of Santa is a marketing fabrication of COCA COLA an NORMAN ROCKWELL

    Eggs Bunnies are also marketing tools of cuteness

    It's about MONEY... and boy do we BUY into it. It's not THEM it's "US" Were the fools of pop culture!

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    That ain't Satan you smell; that be the bullplop!

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    It is just for fun, not to divide humanity and Christianity. What if, Christians are trying to divide God and themselves? Did you think about that?

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  • Relax, no fictitious characters are trying to replace other fictitious characters.

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    These are the proofs that these beliefs are false.

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