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Can anyone help me with iMovie?

There is something seriously wrong with my iMovie. It normally works, but all the sudden it's become really messed up. Whenever I upload a clip to my New Event to my Project, if I try to play it, it is instantly deleted. If I try to upload a second clip or import another video, it replaces the first clip. Whenever I switch to my Project Library, the first clip is always sitting in its regular position on top of the other projects. Also, whenever I try to play a clip that I uploaded to my Project, its muted. Does anyone know what's wrong or a way I can fix it? I don't know what could have caused this.

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    Delete it and download another one.

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    i comprehend the only i used lots replace into the previous imovie hd no longer the recent one (the only with the megastar as its icon) and in my view i think of the recent one sucks butt reason they extremely dumbed it down for idiots who dont no the thank you to do something. Its a discomfort in the **** to (if u can) edit video, drag video on it, and looks extra aimed in the direction of image's yet idk why theyd try this because of fact that we've iphoto. The previous one you need to upload a crap ton of effects, u ought to chop up video relatively the place you prefer to delete small sections, its person-friendly to be sure and function and enjoyed it yet then my hd crashed and am caught with crappy previous leopard imovie. (my end for why is via the fact no longer multiple human beings prefer to spend funds to purchase very final cut back professional and caught with time-honored imovie so they do away with it so we cant edit for crap after that would desire to wind up paying for somthin or fcp. yet thats merely my suggestions) desire this helps if i responded it write haha

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