Is Vietnam war an unnecessary war? I want your PoV, America.?

Some would say we enter the war for precluding communism spread, and some might say this war is totally a terrible loss -- soldiers, money, political scandals, etc.

I thank you in advance for taking your time to consider to answer my question!


I DID mistype WAS for IS. My bad...

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    1 decade ago

    Some would say we entered the war....That IS why we entered into the war. This is a fact. The President of the USA is the only one that can send troops into harms way. Not congress or Senate. Only the President can. President Kennedy said we were in Vietnam to defend against the spread of Communism and curtail Communist aggression in the region.

    So the first part s a moot point the facts are facts.

    Was it a waste of Blood, treasure, and National Pride. That is an opinion question. I feel that the Politicians caused it to become a waste ot B,T&NP. The Military won every battle. It was the Hippies on the home front that quit, the politicians that quit. The soldier in the field never gave up. The No Bombing areas. The rules of engagement caused the failure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vietnam could very well have been an economic strategy.

    Put it in context and consider the employment and economic situation at that time in the US.

    This was a time when "baby boomers" were readying to enter the work force and jobs were scarce.

    Civil Rights legislation had just been passed and the Black unemployment rate was at 23%.

    These people needed jobs. A Military Draft was instituted and took almost 2 million young men out of the unemployment equation. But, this was not the only economic benefit of escalating the role in Vietnam from advisory to combat.

    These newly "employed" young men were going to need full combat gear....... time to crank up the mighty Military Industrial Complex, again. Even more people were put to work. New uniforms, new boots, and above all, new weapons were needed. All of which, including the young men, were expendable....replaceable. There was much profit to be gained in the replacement of destroyed planes, helicopters, bombs, and spent ammunition, and, yes, even young men killed in action. For, their families received a penance, in the form of insurance money, much of which was put into the economy.

    Of course, this is all merely conjecture on my part, as I cannot possibly provide any magnitude of proof of the content.

    But, just perhaps, it does offer an alternative and plausible explanation of why a Nation would enter a war with absolutely no intention of winning.

    Or at the very least, morsels for thought.

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    1 decade ago

    The Vietnam War cannot be understood outside the context of being a battleground in the Cold War. If you understand the time, the place, and the reason for the American policy of Containment you can only conclude that the United States did not have any option except to commit our economic and military aid to South Vietnam in 1954. Everything else followed from that decision. Within this context the American commitment was necessary.

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    1 decade ago

    The Vietnam war was strictly a 'political' war that was for the benefit of the politicians and their corporate connections. It had nothing to do with communism! President Kennedy wanted the USA out of Vietnam because he knew it was none of our business to become involved. The USA accomplished nothing except massive loss of live as is the case in all WARS! The benefactors of all wars are the corporate war mongers who develop equipment and rake in billions in profit with the soldiers paying the ultimate price. The present war in Afghanistan is nothing more than our troops guarding the 'poppy' fields (heroin) so that the profits from the sell of this garbage goes to the elitist who start these wars. WW1, WW2, etc were all profit motivated 'WARS'. Google 'the truth behind the Vietnam war and other wars'. You will be in for some most interesting reading. By the way many believe Kennedy was murdered because he wanted to withdraw from Vietnam.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It was a waste of time because in the end it was a loss. But I think that is more about HOW it was done than anything. Communism was spreading at that time, and not by the choice of the people involved. Communists tended to be armed bands that would topple local dictators that people did not like, but would then install themselves as the new dictators. It was not as much of a popular movement as myth would lead you to believe. Resisting that armed conquering was a worthwhile objective...even if that particular war was a failure.

    Need proof, just look at how the north brutalized the south after the takeover.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The objective was to prevent a North Vietnamese take over of South Vietnam, effectively stopping the spread of Communism.

    That didn't happen in the end.

  • 1 decade ago

    That war was fought for many reasons, but the primary reason was that South Vietnam could grow enough rice to not only feed their own people...they grew enough to export. The North didn't have that production capability. As with most wars it was fought over economic reasons.

    In my opinion it was an unnecessary war that was fought with too many limits on the Commanders in the field regarding rules of engagement.

    Source(s): Did 2 tours there, and didn't leave anything I feel the need to go back and get.
  • The Vietnam war was started the day that JFK sent in troops, followed by a complete debacle by yet another dimwitted Democrat LBJ, who did not let the soldiers fight a war to win, sounds familiar with yet another dimwitted Democrat of today leading the war in Afghanistan.

    The war in Vietnam was called a "police action" by the PC Democrats of that time, yet over 58,000 brave soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice led by Democrats

    Stopping the spread of Communism is always a good idea, its ashamed the Democrats did not let the soldiers do the job they are paid to do.

    U S Army 101st Airborne Ranger and I approve this message

  • 4 years ago

    the difficulty with the Vietnam conflict grow to be that it grow to be our first politically incredible conflict using fact the politicians ran it from D.C. the regulations of engagement have been absurd. they might shoot at our airplanes and we could shoot decrease back, yet there have been each style of regulations on our doing preventative strikes. I flew over ships flying the Union Jack of britain that have been bringing aspects to VietNam and yet if I bombed considered one of those ships there could be hell to pay as quickly as I have been given decrease back to the deliver. The fighters had to break off the chase if a VietNamese MIG flew into chinese language airspace. You get the assumption. objectives have been chosen by ability of the Secretary of protection and LBJ. go after some thing else and additionally you're able to land up seeing extra senior officers in Saigon than you will possibly be able to desire to think of. finally it grew to grow to be the objective of each pilot I knew to steer away from being the final casualty of the conflict. Do your activity with minimum exposure, do no longer take ineffective hazards and continually undergo in strategies that there is not any objective in VietNam well worth loss of life for. definite, it grow to be unwinnable and pointless the way we had to combat it. yet, we did learn from our blunders. next wars in the midsection east have been commanded by ability of senior officers who have been allowed to habit a conflict precise devoid of each determination having to be authorized by ability of politicians.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    from my PoV yes, however I do enjoy the large Vietnamese population in Orange County. I get to eat lots of delicious Pho every week :D

    I do support our troops though, and I have mucho respect for people that served

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