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Andy asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

I feel so sad, dissapointed, mad at myself and wrong in the world...what do I do?

I just can't stand myself anymore. I mean, i can't seem to be like everybody else, i think am weird and wrong. And everytime am given a critique i get so mad and sad at myself. Also dissapointed and feel like I shouldn't be living in this world anymore.

Am preparing a song to play with my guitar and they all changed everything today and was given critiques the whole time, and also sbdy got like really mad at me because i wasnt playing it 'well' (i think i was but they just wanted other way) and now i feel like so dissapointed..i do a lot of effort in order to overcome my social anxiety and stay comfortable, but I just can't seem to get over it, i feel like everybody is normal and am not and i have no just tired of the effort and trying but anything seems to get better...i just want to live a normal life with no guilt and sadness.. what do i do? i cant accept myself, i cant recognize my mistakes i cant make them get better...i feel my life does not make sense and it will stay like this so pissed off and mad at myself now, i dont know what to do with myself, am a huge mess i want to cry..

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  • Sara
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    (1) Most of the time if you're struggling, it's caused by unnecessary factors such as societal influence, and obviously while that cannot fully be taken away, you can definitely change the ramifications they have upon your thoughts, your appearance, and your life. There is no need to feel upset when compared to the rest of the masses; any inadequacy they point out in you is more than likely covering up something missing they've yet to possess themselves.

    (2) Reality is an ugly thing, but is something that you need to keep your eyes peeled for. Everybody expects life to be something that will manifest itself into something wondrous and brilliant right before their very own eyes -- and let me tell you, typically if you do not work for it to be that way, it won't.

    It may seem as if the rest of the world is living on cloud nine and living the lives of fame and fortune, but really, most of us live within the parameters of mediocrity and find it unpleasant and that we're too worthy to exist within in it. Life gets boring, life can be depressing, but it can reciprocally hold the same truth. Happiness and excitement are just as prevalent and really the first step in curing your sadness is by investigating the root of it all.

    (3) About social anxiety: I am probably one of the most socially awkward people who have ever graced this Earth, yet I still have managed to pull some valuable friendships over the years and make life into something I appreciate. Sure, again the mass media that indoctrinates us all, says that you're only acceptable if you have 15 friends, a life of drama, and a party to attend every night -- but that's not nearly the case.

    I don't prefer having many friends; acquaintances and very close friends are what I choose to have. There are people like you, people who care about you, and probably people you should talk to specficially about this to enhance your views on life.

    You can't forever possess tunnel vision in regards to your life over things that you can change, people have to deal with adversity and unfortunate events daily. 95% of your lifetime is merely figuring out what in the world it means and what it should mean to you. The other 5% you wish you had figured it out sooner.

    Don't change for other people, though. If you truly want to find an ounce of happiness within you sooner you need to realize that the only ramifications in which you're making to your life NEED to be for yourself.

    Best Regards.

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    life is going to be full of critiques from a lot of people. you have to learn to not take it so personally, grow from it. i just got fired on my 2nd day of a job bc the manager said i had a bad personality and wasnt outgoing enough.. yeah it was a blow to my self esteem but then i thought what the hell did they know? I was shy bc it was my first day on the job and i didnt get his stupid jokes... some people are just crazy and mean and you cant take it personally. sorry 4 the spiel but good luck

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    You'll need to find a way to increase the level of your self-esteem. Focus on you for a bit.

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    The best way to feel good about yourself is to help others. Get involved with a charity. At this time of year, your help will be greatly appreciated.

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