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when do near sighted people need to wear their glasses?

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    It's a good question. If it was known why then surely they wouldn't have to.wear glasses

    If you mean why they have poor vision the answer is that their eyeball changed shape and became elongated. The reason for this happening doesn't seem to have been investigated much.

    It could be that allowing the eyeball to deform and the consequence of more people having poor vision is beneficial for the optical industry.(due to the sales of glasses in high street stores etc.)

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    Depends how nearsighted you are. If it's only a mild case, you might just need them for activities where you need good distance vision, like school and driving. Always wear them for driving, even if you don't feel like you need to. If it's a more severe case, you'll probably have to wear them all the time. I'm really nearsighted and need my glasses to see more than about two inches away from my face.

    Source(s): I've been nearsighted all my life.
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    I would say all the time. Near sighted means you cant see far away, and thats not good, lol.

    I would say especially when at school (seeing the board if your in the back), or a movie theater, etc.

    Source(s): Im near-sighted.
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    All the time

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  • Kevin
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    Whenever they want, or need, to see clearly.

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