Can you become Christian and still have budhist beliefs?

i am a Christian that has aspects of budhism in my belief... i belive everything among christianity and i belive about living as one with nature and the chi energy is real and it is what helps us do things, an we must help everyone... and so on. oh and things about chakras auras and crystal healing and balancing. thanks for any info that you can give me


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    Of course you can. Buddhist teachings are completely relevent in any religion. They teach that enlightenment comes form effort, work, humbleness and introspective thought.

    "There are only two mistakes one can make along the path to truth. Not going all the way, and not starting the journey"

    This quote of Buddha's is relevant to all who wonder what meaning life has.

    not one to offer link to religious site usually, but you can see that Christs teachings and Buddhas are very similar (Buddha lived hundreds of years before Christ btw)


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    No, they clash with each other.

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